X10 – The real software

At this point you should have a working CM11, and a device in your home installation, for example a dimmer/switch module such as LM12. It’s time to install in your Linux the software to manage your devices. It’s called heyu.

Lamp module LM12
Lamp module LM12

You can obtain it here, even if it’s open source, still can’t be find in all the linux distributions because it used to have a particular license that make it not totally opensource.

Fortunately, the license changed on 08/2011 to the compliant GPLv3 adn in the future it might appear to your favourite linux distro.

In any case it worths the hassle of having to go to the site and donwload the software, because it makes controlling your X10 much easier. To install you just have to download the tgz file.

wget https://github.com/HeyuX10Automation/heyu/archive/v2.11-rc2.tar.gz


tar -xzf v2.11-rc2.tar.gz
cd heyu-2.11-rc2/

Compile and install

./configure && make && make install

You have to create some folders for heyu to run:

mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/heyu /usr/local/var/tmp/heyu /usr/local/var/lock

After this process there you will have to copy the file /usr/local/etc/heyu/x10config.sample to the configuration directory

cp /usr/local/etc/heyu/x10config.sample /usr/local/etc/heyu/x10.conf

And edit the file changing at least this parameters:

TTY /dev/ttyUSB0 # If you use CM11’s USB cable you’ll probably need this
HOUSECODE A # This is the letter you’ll configure in you’re devices

Now, you can use the software. You just have to do:

$ heyu -c /usr/local/etc/heyu/x10.conf start #To start the daemon (you need it for everything)

Now we can send commands to our devices:

$ heyu -c /usr/local/etc/heyu/x10.conf on HU # H is the house code , U is the Unit number, would start the device HU

$ heyu -c /usr/local/etc/heyu/x10.conf off HU # This would stop the device

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