X10 – The giveaway software

Once you receive your package, open it an plug your cj11 to your computer and to the current. Set any of the devices ( LM12 or AM12) to an address like A2 an plug a lamp on it and the device to the current.

Activehome, the software for windowsIf you want to test everything before starting to play with it in Linux, I’d recommend to do a test with a software that comes with the cm11 called ActiveHome. It’s really simple, you just have to install the driver so your windows recognizes the cm11 as a COM (serial) port. Then you’ve got a very simple interface where you can turn on/off the devices you’ve plugged and with an address set.

The program is useful to do some testing, but I wouldn’t use for anything serious, even less if you want to use Linux.
On the next post, I’ll talk about heyu, the software you’ll love (only linux and *nix this time)

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